Industry chain+MORE

  • Yu Wei feed

    Yu Wei feed

    Jointly developed with South China Agricultural University and other colleges and universities, Food Sciences expert feeds, poultry, livestock provide reliable product quality assurance, can produce all kinds of high quality livestock feed 180,000 tons.

  • Yu Wei incubation

    Yu Wei incubation

    Signed a Cooperative Agreement with the Guangdong Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Research Institute, the annual output of high quality seeds and seedlings 20 million birds breeding base for the Yu Wei Agricultural Group and Professional Cooperation Organization (farmers) to provide a large number of high-quality goose, duck seedlings.

  • Yu Wei Cultivation

    Yu Wei Cultivation

    Company + Research institutions + breeding base + specialized cooperative organizations (farmers)

  • Yu wei foods

    Yu wei foods

    Adhering to the 'quality food for the day for fresh industrial chain more secure.' Business philosophy. Modern international advanced level, geese and ducks slaughtered production line, the daily slaughter of ducks and geese 20 000 heads. By ISO22000, QS certification and food exports to Hong Kong's health registration identified.

  • Yu Wei eiderdown

    Yu Wei eiderdown

    The introduction of large, state-of-the-art professional washed down sperm washing line, of five car cashmere, single-hand machinery and equipment of high cashmere cashmere, it can produce over 1000 tons of high quality washed down and feather products made ??exported to Europe and the United States, Russia,Japan, Korea, Australia and other countries.

  • Yu Wei clothing

    Yu Wei clothing

    'Yu Wei' brand duvets and clothing is the 'Guangdong Province Famous Brand', we are committed to 'Yu Wei' brand into the most competitive world of fashion clothing famous brand.

Society duty+MORE

  • public welfare undertakings

    Yu wei consciously carry out modernization of enterprise social responsibility...

  • Food Safety

    'More security industry chain' is the management idea, truly 'from field to fork can be...

  • Production safety

    Regular fire safety inspections of the company and affiliated companies...


Yu Wei GroupNational agricultural leading enterprises C Yu wei agricultural group is in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province brand-name products, Yu wei trademark is famous trademark...

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